Argentina Golden Dorado & Doves

Estancia Santa Rosa

For a sportsman, Argentina’s southern Entre Rios Province is an amazing, amazing place. Home to the world’s greatest concentration of ducks, truly huge numbers of non-migratory eared doves AND what outdoor writers and returning anglers call “spectacular” fishing for freshwater golden dorado (Salminus brasiliensis). Dorado are one of THE most sought-after freshwater fish in the traveling angler’s world—strikingly beautiful, punishing lures and flies, instantly making multiple acrobatic leaps like tarpon, and making finger-burning runs. They range in size from four to twenty pounds in Entre Rios’ thousands of square miles of sub-tropical rivers. This area is both spawning grounds and year-round habitat, but the peak of fishing season and the best chance for larger fish is November through March – local summer with warm water conditions.

All this amazing avian and aquatic activity can be accessed from the same authentic, comfortable place—our renowned Estancia Santa Rosa, a three hour drive north of Buenos Aires. The 100-year-old, fully air-conditioned lodge has eight bedrooms with seven baths, and offers impeccable organization, experienced guides, attentive service and excellent cuisine, wines and bar. Santa Rosa sits in a remarkable position near the confluence of the Nogoya, Victoria, and Barrancoso rivers where they join the mighty Parana, creating a vast estuary with countless islands, cuts and flowing channels. The currents and junctions of these many waterways are ideal habitat for golden dorado and their food sources: sabalo and other baitfish, black eels, mice, and large terrestrial insects. Trips to the boat launch are never more than 15 minutes.

To give you an idea of the fishing numbers: In the November through March season, an average for a pair of anglers would be 20-plus hookups in a morning outing. Our best days have seen boats jump as many as 80 dorados in a full day. This is an excellent fly rodding destination, as dorado readily take big streamers and even poppers and skated mouse patterns on the surface. And conventional baitcasting or spinning fishermen can expect even more hits on Rapala-type diving lures and big spoons.

For dove shooting numbers: Summer in Entre Rios is the peak of dove season, with sorghum, corn and soy bean fields attracting doves literally by the millions. Hunters will see never-ending clouds of doves exiting and returning to the roost at all angles and enjoy a variety of shooting platforms. This is super-high-volume shooting, with hunters routinely expending 30-60 boxes in an afternoon!

Golden dorado fishing and high-volume dove hunting— ON THE SAME DAY, FROM THE SAME LODGE—UNIQUE IN ALL THE WORLD


$4495 – 5 NIGHT / 10 OUTING TRIP

The package price for the 5 night/10 outing trip is $4475. Longer or shorter trips are possible, calendar permitting. Included are accommodations, all meals, open bar, hunting and fishing licenses, all services of professional guides and round-trip airport transfers. Not included are commercial air travel, gun rental at $70/day, shells at $15/box (subject to change) and tips.

Use of high-quality bait casting and spinning rods and good reels is included in the price, as are all dorado lures. Fly fishermen need to bring their own rods, reels, leader, flies, etc. First-rate backups for all fly gear and flies will be available at the lodge in case of trouble with fly equipment.


Buenos Aires is best reached from Miami, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth or Houston on American Airlines, United Airlines, LATAM, Aerolineas Argentinas or Delta Airlines. Guests are met upon arrival in Buenos Aires and transferred via private vehicle three hours to the estancia.

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