What our guests say:

"Salta's Chacu Lodge is a beautiful estancia, newly constructed and professionally staffed throughout which includes your field staff and bird assistants. The menu was diverse, well planned, and carefully presented. A true gourmet chef was added for 2009. Local wines from the region are well above the norm. A trip to the cellar and wine tastings with their resident sommelier capped off a beautiful experience. Be prepared to be pampered and be prepared for wingshooting only conceived in your dreams. We have used Rod and Gun for twenty something years and the pigeons over decoys at Chacu is the ultimate for our group of serious wingshooters. Do not go unless you are truly addicted to wingshooting!

Of course the real reason we use R&G is their lovely and charming coordinator, Melissa Robertson!!!" R. Greg Stewart DVM MS Ph.D — Southern Veterinary Services, Inc.
"Thank You! Everything on our Bolivia trip was perfect. Jorge and his staff are truly amazing people. The lodge was fantastic, and they even had Direct TV so we could watch the San Antonio Spurs playoff game.

I loved our trips to Argentina, but I don't think I will go there again after our amazing trip to Bolivia." Matt Stolhandske — San Antonio, TX
"My trip to the Brazil Safari Camp was by far the best fishing trip for peacock bass, both for quantity and size. I landed 30 to 50 fish everyday. One afternoon I caught fish of 13, 16, 17, and 22 pounds. My personal best with a fly rod." Joe Draper — Blacksburg, VA
"Over the past several years I have had the great pleasure of participating in some of the finest hunting and fishing in the world — thanks to you. Your service is the finest available anywhere. This last trip to Argentina was a good example. The hunting was spectacular, the accommodations and food compared with the finest in the world, and the people we met and dealt with were an absolute pleasure. We look forward to many more Dave Gregory adventures!" Todd Combs — Elkridge, MD
"My partner and I boated 289 peacocks during the week — the largest going twenty pounds. The fishing, accommodations, food and staff with River Plate Anglers were far superior to our previous trips on the Amazon." Tommy Willis — Abilene, TX
"An experience unlike any we've encountered in 18 years of Alaska fishing... The silver salmon fishing is outstanding. In many sections the river was blackened with salmon entering on the incoming tide." Chris Batin — Fairbanks, AK
"On our trip to Cordoba with Miles & Miles Outfitters, our group felt as if we were treated as royalty and that nothing could have been any better.  Seldom in my experience has a product actually been better than advertised." Gene White — El Dorado, KS
"Our hunting trip was absolutely wonderful, and everything happened just as expected. The accommodations were superior, and the guides were of the highest quality. After shooting all of those birds, I did not mind coming back poor! Thanks again for all of your help." Wally DeRoeck — Austin, TX
"This adventure not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. All in all, I would rate this FIVE STARS! Our guide, Edivandro (Sapo), was priceless. Butch and I caught 292 fish. 31 were 12 pounds and over. SIX at 20 pounds. ONE at 21 pounds. ONE at 22 pounds and ONE at 24 pounds. Yes, that is correct. Between the two of us we caught NINE fish 20 pounds or bigger! With numbers like this, you can imagine our excitement. And the pure viciousness and aggressiveness of these fish is incredible. I would most definitely recommend this trip to anyone who loves to catch fish." Joanne Elliott — Otterville, MO
"Rod & Gun did a great job arranging our virtually flawless dove hunting trip to Salta, Argentina. Sierra Outfitters did a superb job for our group. We were especially impressed with Cristian Druetta and his staff. The accommodations were exceptional and the meals outstanding. Our dove and pigeon hunt was incredible (6 of us shot 12,050 birds in 3-1/2 days). Everything was beyond our expectations and we felt the money we spent was a really good value. I would certainly recommend this trip to any prospective bird hunters." George P. Vaughn — San Antonio, TX
"The fishing was so fantastic, we will be recommending you to everyone we know! This was a 21st birthday present for my son and was truly the trip of a lifetime—he is still showing pictures to anyone who will stand still."Grady Kane — Fort Worth, TX
"We just returned from an amazing trip to Argentina, hunting with Kike and his team at El Rincon. The accommodations and food were outstanding, and the duck, dove, and perdiz hunting were beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much to Rod & Gun for making our trip possible, everyone had a great time." Scott Smith — Tulsa, OK
"La Zona is a place where the normal rules don't apply. These awesome fish are so huge and numerous it is like something out of prehistory… Since La Zona became available to anglers… literally scores of fish exceeding the largest fly-caught IGFA record have been caught, including one that weighed more than 50 pounds. That is nearly triple the previous record! … What keeps things exciting is the surface behavior of the dorado. There is almost always something happening on the surface, if not on the part of large fish, then on the part of school after school of small fish that slam the surface near the dam. The feeding frenzy is reminiscent of that displayed by bluefish in the open Atlantic." The Angling Report
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