Pre-Trip Planning

When we arrange your hunting or fishing trip, you are properly prepared!

When we send an invoice to a client, we send a detailed list of suggested equipment and clothing, along with additional information regarding visas and hunting or fishing documents/permits, airport transfers, airlines, local currency, language, time zones, trip insurance, shopping and restaurants (if applicable), gratuities, etc. For a fishing trip, the information will include a list of very specific lures or flies in exact colors and sizes and in many cases even where to buy them.

Deposit Payments

When you decide to book one of our adventures, we will send you a letter confirming the arrangements and price, along with a deposit invoice. The deposits are due back within 10 days of receipt. Of course, there is flexibility within these parameters based on individual circumstances. Final payment invoices are mailed 60 days prior to departure and are due in our office by no later than 45 days prior.

Each individual program has a specific cancellation policy that is outlined in the original invoice. Trip cancellation insurance is always available.

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