Argentina bird hunting offers a great variety of dove, pigeon, duck, goose and partridge species.

Wild Ducks

In particular, Argentina has many species of wild ducks, none of which are found in the Northern Hemisphere. Predominantly, they are Chilean pintail, Brazilian pintail, Argentine widgeon, Brazilian, silver, white-fronted and ring-necked teal; and two species of tree ducks. A very sporty and abundant duck is the rosy-billed pochard, very similar to our canvasback. The flight and size of these Argentina ducks are very similar to their northern cousins, and they respond to calls and decoys very well. The majority of Argentina’s ducks live in Buenos Aires and Entre Rios Provinces.

Wild Pigeons

Two species of wild pigeons can be found in Argentina’s primary hunting areas—the picazuro pigeon (Columba picazuro) and the spot-winged pigeon (Columba maculosa). Both appear to float along in flight, but their slow wingbeat is deceiving—they usually fly at the same speed as Argentine doves. In Salta and Buenos Aires Provinces, Argentina pigeons respond well to decoys and often pour into fields of cut grain.

The Argentina eared dove (Zenaida auriculata) is the country’s most sought-after quarry. The Argentine eared dove is very similar to our mourning dove in size and flight, but of course, the quantities and “no limit” shooting make for a truly world-class experience. The largest populations of Argentina doves are found in Cordoba Province in the geographical center of the country and Salta Province in far northwest Argentina. Biologists estimate there are populations of more than 20 million doves in both of these provinces, and they reproduce several times a year.

Wild Spotted Tinamou or Perdiz

Another popular Argentina bird hunting species is the wild spotted tinamou (Nothura maculosa). These upland birds are called perdiz by the locals. They resemble a small partridge and they sit well for pointing dogs and flush away with a rush of wingbeats. At the table, Argentina’s perdiz is ranked by sportsmen as one of the finest of white-meat game bird delicacies. Bird hunting over well-trained pointers and Brittanies is available in many of Argentina’s regions and the terrain preferred by perdiz is usually flat with shorter grass, so the walking is easy.


Argentina bird hunters love to hunt geese in southern Buenos Aires Province. Predominant is the big Magellan goose (Chloephaga pictaleucoptera), named after the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The male is snowy white except for black bars on his back and black-tipped wings; the female is brownish with russet head and bright yellow feet. Average weight for Argentina’s largest goose is around nine pounds. The second type of Argentina goose is the wary ashey-headed goose (Chloephaga poliochphala), with rust-colored breast, gray head, and black and white wings. These geese nest in the far south of Argentina and move into Buenos Aires Province by the hundreds of thousands in early May, wintering throughout August and providing world-renowned Argentina bird hunting throughout the season.

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